Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still Thinking.....

Hi to all those Jubilee birthdayers out there!  My name is Meredithe and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I'm relatively new to this blogging game and only recently stumbled across Lori's blog - so glad I've found it! - and was tickled pink when Lori asked if I'd like to contribute to this Jubilee project.  

With my five-oh only 8 days away there's no chance of making a quilt in time, so this will be a longer term project me thinks, and may have to wait until further into the year before it even gets started!

Why? you may ask.  Well a bit like Laura, I'm currently working on a BIG project - the Mrs Billings Coverlet, and working towards a deadline of end of May.  There are 4 more borders to do and it's all being hand pieced.  Here's where I am at the moment.

So I can't really start anything new just yet, but my brain is toying with an idea!

But to help celebrate my birthday, my lovely friends gave me a quilt last weekend (this birthday is happening well before the date - and loving it!!).  Like Nadine, I love baskets and these wonderful women gave me the perfect quilt.

Aren't I lucky?!

So at the moment I'll be checking out what everyone else is thinking about and planning, while stitching away on my Mrs Billings.  And I'll just let my Jubilee idea brew awhile.....!

Happy stitching



  1. Hello, Meredith ;>)
    WOW, the uilt you're working on at the moment is simply gorgeous!.. I'm sure you're gonna find THE right pattern for your own jubilee quilt, and I'm so curious. Your Bday baskets quilt is SO beautiful, I just LOVE it ;>)
    THANKS for your nice comment on my post (I added an answer to you, just under your comment, as I couldn't find your email address).
    ENJOY your sewing, dear !

  2. Your basket quilt looks very happy lucky you. The quilt you're working on is lovely can't wait to see it finished thats a lot of handpiecing. Good luck deciding on your Jubilee Quilt!

  3. I've admired that coverlet on other blogs and the peak you've given us of yours leads me to believe yours is a stunner, too! Please share your progress.
    Wow! Your friends are good ones! LOVE the basket quilt!
    I, too, appreciate the nice comment you left on my post here. I'm not sure how to tell you to do it, but we like to have an email from our commenters so we can thank them. I think it is in your profile.

  4. Love your projects and I'm sure you find the Jubilee quilt, you'll know it!

  5. Your Mrs. Billings is going to be lovely! And that baskets quilt is so fun, love the fabrics! Can't wait to see what you decide to make for your Jubilee!

  6. happy birthday~!!~ it is a bit early but i agree, one should start celebrating as early as possible~!
    the wonderfull basket quilt that you have received is proof that i'm not the only one who thinks so. what a great gift and i LOVE those baskets~! the polka dot setting fabric is so much fun~!!~

    good luck with the finish of your Mrs. Billings Coverlet. it looks like an enourmous, but beautiful, project.
    i have faith that you will come up with the perfect jubilee project when the time is right.


  7. The Mrs. Billings Coverlet is quite the undertaking - but it sounds like you have it well underway! Good for you!

    Lovely basket quilt and lucky you for having such wonderful friends - such a blessing.

    Looking forward to whatever you decided - I'm sure it will be great!

  8. Welcome Aboard!
    Happy early 50th!
    Your current project looks beautiful and all hand done, what a treasure.
    Your basket Birthday quilt is lovely! pretty fabrics and what a wonderful gift - enjoy!

  9. Just gotta say, you have some super awesome friends! Love, love that basket quilt!
    And the Mrs. Billings...You are really making great progress on that! What a stunner!
    Happy almost birthday and welcome to 50!