Monday, February 27, 2012

Block four

As I've been piecing blocks from my Jubilee quilt, I've been noticing the pattern names; Izar, Elnath, Spica, Talitha...those have to mean something, right?

So, I googled Talitha. Talitha represents two stars in the Ursa Major Constellation, Talitha Australis and Talitha Borealis. This is my Talitha block. (Number 4 of 36.)

When I googled the other names, I found out that Izar is a binary star. Elnath is also called Beta Tauri and lies at the top of the great northern horn of Taurus. Spica or Alpha Virginis becomes prominent in the southeast in spring evenings and is part of Virgo.

I found these patterns at Just search on Jubilee quilt pattern and they come up easy. There are 36 blocks and they're divided into 6 modules, so to get them all, you have to buy 6 sets of patterns. But, that's okay. I think the price was reasonable considering what I got as part of the pattern.

I am enjoying the process of piecing these blocks and now I'm enjoying learning about the stars they represent. I'm remembering how to paper piece and I'm learning more and more about precision.

Somehow, that's important in my 50th year...remembering what I know and learning more. I'm going to keep investigating this important lesson about using what I already know and continuing to learn as I move through my 50th year.

The youngest old people I know continue to challenge their minds and learn new things. That is the example I want to follow.

Have a great Monday. Lane


  1. Your block is beautiful, Lane. And so interesting that they used all the real star names for them. Love that! I think you're right, too......the younger old-people I know also keep themselves challenged, and active. A lot of them golf, play cards, volunteer, garden, read; they seem to have a busier schedule than me! They are moving ALL the time! I think that's the key! If you rest, you rust! lol

  2. beautiful block and here's to always learning new things~!


  3. rest, you rust! Good one, Regan! It sure doesn't seem like many of us here have that to worry about! lol
    That block is great, Lane! I love that they come with little astronomy facts too. I hope you'll keep sharing them! I checked out the other modules and wow, they really look so fun to do, each one like its own puzzle! It's going to be really something wonderful when they are all together!

  4. Super blocks, Lane and fun to get to know the stars as well!!
    I agree with you about always learning and challenging ourselves. How boring life would be if we stayed still and were done learning!!

  5. Like your thinking Lane. Thanks for sharing the information about your block names. Block looks great.

  6. I'm reading backwards and answered my own question about the bits of info about the stars.

    Love your blocks and especially your fabric choices.

    xo -E