Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Jubilee quilt

When I first saw mention of the Jubilee quilt project, I got very excited. There seemed to be just a few of us at first and then it grew to more and more people, born in or near 1962 and then others that wanted to make a quilt to celebrate themselves. The more links I found, the more bloggers I began to follow, reading how each of us was creating a quilt and about our other interests as well.

My blog is That Man Quilts? and I blog about my quilting, raising a teenage daughter and a few other things that interest me.

As my birthday approached, I started re-assessing whether I should actually start another project. I have so many unquilted tops hanging in the sewing room closet and my resolution this year (as it was last year) was to quilt as many as I could. Maybe I should finish something I already had started and call that my jubilee.

Who was I fooling. At the same time I was thinking about finishing something and calling it Jubilee, I was also googling Jubilee Quilt patterns and I found a set of 36 mariner's compass stars on epatterns.com. And, while I was still trying to decide whether to start something new, I made the first one.

And, then, on my birthday, I made another block.

And, last weekend, I made a third one.

Guess there's no denial anymore. I'm all in.

We've been collecting batiks and hand dyes for years and when I saw the patterns, I knew exactly why I had been collecting them.

So, I'm sewing away, learning better ways to paper piece and ending up with some very exciting blocks. So far, the plan is to make all 36 blocks and set them together with a great batik sashing, but I'm only 3 blocks in. I could change my mind a hundred times and still do something totally different as I continue to grow during this, my 50th year.

I'm celebrating me with a quilt. How many babies have I celebrated with a quilt? And, how many have I made for other reasons? It's time to make one and make it all about me and what I think and feel and see and my skills, this year.

Take care. Lane...the quiltfool


  1. I'm loving these Mariner's Compass blocks, Lane! And in the batiks, they really glow! Well done! And I'm so glad you jumped aboard the Jubilee train! :o)

  2. love these blocks~!
    they look a bit challenging but you sure are making them look good.


  3. Awesome blocks Lane!! Happy Belated 50th birthday!!

  4. Your fabric choices and piecing are great. I'm sure whatever you choose it will be terrific.

  5. Lane, your blocks are just STUNNING! Can't wait to see more - keep going!!!! I hope you thoroughly enjoy making this quilt for yourself in your 50th year - what a great age!

  6. Your blocks look amazing and your story made me laugh. Sounds like you've got the same self control as I have....zero. At least when it comes to quilting anyway. i think we're all going to have a fabulous time being 50!!

  7. Do you have a link for where to download the mariner compass star blocks?

  8. love your blocks and you have the spirit of this whole Jubilee quilt idea!!

  9. Glad you joined in. Those are amazing blocks!

  10. Exactly! Hey, you made it this far, you definitely deserve a quilt!!
    Your blocks are gorgeous and so FLAT! I am soooo impressed and jealous!
    I have just been getting around to trying a MC block lately and boy is it tricky...Well done!