Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Picked up some fabrics!

I made it to a fabric store yesterday (a very sweet Valentine's day outting.....almost better than chocolate.....almost!).....and I picked up a bunch of orange fabrics for my Jubilee quilt!  The gal cutting them said she was getting her dose of vitamin A while cutting!  HA!

Hubby and I are headed out today, again, to find a few more!  Just can't have too many orange fabrics!  Right!?!  lol  Or am I the only one who goes nuts for this color!?!

So, the pattern I'm doing is from a quilt I saw at the Red & White show in NY last March.  

I just fell in love with everything about it!  Especially that the maker did 3 different borders on it!  Love that!  I posted after the show all the pics I had taken, and I made comments about those borders a few times......something to the effect that I wish I was more bold and independent like that maker obviously was.  Well.......I'm 50 now, and I can be bold and independent.......and do 3 different borders in orange if I want to!  YEAH!

It's going to be all scrappy orange and white, and the big pieces of solid red on the quilt......those will be strings!  Woohoo!  Love that string piecing!

I'm starting on the cutting tonight!


Regan  :o)


  1. Oh, Regan, I just LOVE those vitamin C fabrics !... and the pattern you've chosen is GORGEOUS. No doubt this is going to be a fantastic quilt.
    Jubileeeeee ! ;>)

  2. Your inspiration quilt is fabulous and I'm sure yours will be too! Fabric shopping over two special days - what fun! Happy Birthday!

  3. Love the variety of fabric you have!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Delicious oranges!
    Love your inspiration quilt, too...That birds in the air border sure looks (Orca Bay!)
    Happy B'day! 51, have some fun! Oooo, yeah!

  5. you know i'm growing fonder of orange as time goes on but i've noticed that there often isn't a large selection to choose from.
    i've gotta say though you have found quite a few~!!~
    love that your using string quilting in your jubilee quilt. i haven't posted yet but i will be using string piecing in mine as well.


  6. Orange! I can't wait to see it come together. Love the pattern.

  7. Wow, love the pattern & your fabrics choice !

  8. LOVE your orange fabrics - they are so fresh and pretty!
    Happy Happy Birthday!

  9. The quilt you have chosen to replicate is cool - and the orange, well, so fresh and fun!
    The string piecing will be a nice addition - make it "yours" - go for it!

  10. WOW Regan - it's going to be amazing! Can't wait for progress photos on this one. Love the different borders - I really like that type of thing too. Go for it!!