Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am jumping all over the place. What should I make??? I LOVE the idea of celebrating my 50th with positive things that nurture me. I'm not into hanging black balloons in offices on 50th birthdays. I'm busting through this milestone healthy, happy, and bursting with intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Except, I can't decide what my jubilee quilt will be.

First, I thought I'd make a medallion quilt using some of Edyta Sitar's fabrics and designs. Look at these lovely birds. I'd have to include some of these. I can't find a center that I love, though.

And....I started getting stressed as my plan grew more complicated. Stress is not part of Jubilee!

So, here are my ground rules:
1. It must be long enough to cover my toes. I'm going to use this to snuggle and read books. It has to "fit me."
2. It has to be fun to make. I don't have to learn anything, prove anything, etc. This rule is there are no rules.
3. It has to be something I can finish and have quilted by September. I have a little problem with finishing. And I'm going to pay someone else to do the quilting.

I fell in love with this pineapple quilt. I'm going to see how long this sticks in my brain. It would be stressless, uncomplicated, and I love 2 color quilts.

Have any of you made decisions yet?



  1. I like your rules! It is hard when we have too many choices!! I do love the pineapple quilt though and it is striking in r&w!!

  2. Love the red and white pineapple quilt. I love your no rules/rules!
    good for you!!
    I also love that you are really making this for YOU and you already know how you'll be enjoying it!

  3. You're right, Joanna.....stress is NOT part of the Jubilee! It's all about the fun fun fun!, and only what you love!

    I love the r&w pineapple.....gorgeous! Two color quilts are so striking! And thanks for mentioning size, cuz I wasn't even thinking that far yet.....but I like the idea of one that I can just snuggle up in.....just for me! Thanks!

  4. Love red and white quilts! And I agree with you about making something fun.

  5. Hello, Joanna ;>)
    I can understand your indecision : both projects are SO beautiful!
    Yet, I'd go for the red/white one - LOVE 2 colours quilts! - It's really a heirloom, and I'm sure you'd treasure it...
    (Oh nooooo ! Now you make me wish I'd make a 2 colors quilt as well! HeeHee...)

  6. Hopefully, deciding will be the hardest part. I don't think you can go wrong with a pineapple quilt - especially a red and white one. Fabulous!

  7. i happen to really like the pineapple quilts too and whether you go red and white or some other combination of two colors, it will have a timeless look to it.

    i'm still mulling things over but getting very close to a commitment i think.


  8. I had the exact same problem. But, I didn't think to set any rules. I googled Jubilee quilt patterns and found a set of paper pieced mariner's compass blocks. And, I knew that was going to be it. I've only made two so far, but the other 34 are mulling in my brain. Lane

  9. Love the birds Joanna and had a good giggle at your "rules". The pineapple quilt does look good.......