Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Jubilee Quilt

Last April I turned 50 years old and I thought it would be neat to commemorate my 50th year by making a quilt.  The idea simmered on the back burner and didn't go any further than that.  Then a week or so ago Lori at Humble Quilts mentioned the idea of doing a Jubilee quilt to celebrate turning 50 and that we (bloggers) should unite and do it together.  What a great idea!

That lit the fire under my butt to get going.....I only have until near the end of April to finish my quilt!  I decided I do want to do this in my 50th year - no cheating! :)

I have been working on replicating an antique quilt for a few months that I absolutely love and I have been trying to figure out what to name it.  Well, now I know - Jubilee!!  Obviously I am a little farther ahead in my progress than some of the other Jubilee participants but I still have a ways to go.  I have been taking pictures of the steps because I knew I would someday post this quilt on the internet. Here is a picture of the first step.
The quilt is made of all scraps and solid red,  solid yellow, and a blue print fabric.  These blocks are just some of the blocks used.  Hundreds of scrappy 2"squares, paired, waiting to be sewn together on each side of the line then cut diagonally.

I'll post my steps as we go along - keep watching and hopefully have this done before my birthday in April!

Thanks, Lori, (and anyone else) for getting this project going - wonderful idea! :)



  1. Judy, I'm so happy to see your post!! I bet there is some lovely fabric being sewn!! My favorite- scrap quilts!! I look forward to seeing more of your Jubilee project.

  2. I adore scrap quilts and can't wait to see more!
    Welcome to the Jubilee Project!

  3. I'll have to cheat to participate, my 51st birthday is this Friday! lol Can't wait to see more of what you are doing. I love scrap quilts, too.

  4. Awesome idea...quilt for your 50th! I'm just a wee beeet passed ya...almost 60! =P


  5. Can't wait to see your pics of your progess, Judy......and you still have plenty of time to finish it! April is a long way off! :o)

  6. Me too ! I just can't wait discovering your quilt, step by step. Fun, fun, fun !

  7. Oooo! Looking forward to seeing what develops here and what those hst's will become! So exciting!
    And April's ages away! I know because my b'day is in that month too, on the 26th...Ooooo, clock ticking! lol No problem!

  8. That's a LOT of triangles to make Judy. Looking forward to progress reports!