Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still doing HS triangle blocks...

I tried something new to see if I could speed up the process on my 1 1/2" half square triangle blocks.

Stop by my blog if you are interested to know how I arrived at this variety in a relatively short time and what I thought of the process.  70 blocks.

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  1. They look the same when they are all side by side, but once you mix them up with other combinations you may be able to use all of them.
    Looks great!

    1. Yes, once they are mixed in they will blend in....perhaps I will use them all. We will see! :)

  2. Great technique of turning the fabric. I've never used the triangle paper before, but this sure looks easy! Nice job!

  3. I love the paper methods for HSTs! When I need more variety, I just cut the paper in half so there are only like 16/sheet. If there are only 16 alike out of 3-400 in the whole quilt, that's still plenty enough variety for moi! And I never have to sliver trim again, which for me is worth the price of admission!