Friday, February 24, 2012

Barb's Jubilee Quilt

Happy Friday!

I just want to say how excited I am about the Jubilee Quilt Project and want to thank Regan and Lori for their encouragement in forming an on-line group.

When I first posted my Jubilee Quilt idea on my blog, FunWithBarb, I had no idea that so many quilters would be interested in making themselves a special quilt.  I'm thrilled that so many have joined this blog.

Let me take this opportunity to say there is no deadline for joining, and there are no quilt rules, save one:  It must be a quilt made by you and for you.

You can see my first Jubilee post by by clicking here.

Here is the first block which I started late December.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You want to start a new project.
You know you don't have enough background.
You are too anxious and start anyway.
You soon worry and possibly regret it.
You reassure yourself all will be well.....

That's what happened with my muslin background.  I have been side-lined waiting to resolve it.  I bought a bolt, washed and pressed and cut it and decided; nope - not right!  I have found that Moda natural muslin is the closes to what I started with (which is unknown, naturally).  Thimbleanna is sending me a 90" wide bolt soon - hooray!

So, I prepped, prepped, prepped.  I never work this way, but here is what I have cut and ready to go.

This gives me an idea of where I'm really going with this.

My friends, Pauline and Susan (non bloggers) are making the museum princess quilts in their own styles and I'll post photos of them next week.

Have a Fun Weekend!


  1. Wow Barb your quilt is going to be fabulous. You've really done heaps of prep for your applique, hope your background troubles are resolved soon. Love those birds so cute.

  2. Barb,
    This quilt is going to be so gorgeous! I guess you have really used your time wisely while you wait for your new background.

    Everything you said sounds so familiar. I redone an applique project three twice before I settled on the third one. Not being a good planner, I always jump in head first and then realize the limits of my stash!

    Love the idea of the borders on this quilt. And, that little bird again.. Love it all !

  3. I remember seeing your blog back in January...loved the quilt then....still love it now. It will be beautiful when you are finished. You have made a lot of progress. The birds are very charming. :)

  4. You'll totally be ready to go when your fabric arrives!!! It is going to be awesome!!
    Next time I post I'll remind them of the rule, that they must post their progress!!

  5. The quilt that started it all! : ) Such a great idea and such a beautiful quilt! My fingers are crossed for you on that background fabric!

  6. you are making progress even if it's not actually sewn down yet and i love being able to see the basic layout of where you're going with this amazing project~!!~


  7. What a great quilt this will be, and am so pleased you are including your signature sparrows!

  8. Ah, yes, waiting for just the right fabric - been there! Barb, this is going to be another fabulous quilt. A little difference in the muslin won't be noticed. People will be too distracted by your lovely applique and quilting.

  9. I LOVE the direction you are going with this quilt. I really like the border flowers/leaves you have on there and the birds look great! Oh I can relate to that starting with what you have and repenting later - I started my CWBQ quilt and I know I don't have enough background fabric for the borders. Hope your fabric comes soon :0)

  10. Truly lovely. It's been fun to follow along with your progress. I look forward to seeing Pauline's and Susan's interpretations, too.

  11. Oh Barb, I'm at a loss for words...... truly gorgeous already!! Can't wait to see the progress on this. WOW!

  12. Absolute gorgeousness...and let me check...Yup...those cute little sparrows are in this one too.