Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hi to everyone! I am Julie of Juliekquilts. When I read that Lori of Humble Quilts was turning 50, and having a celebration of Jubilee quilts...I could not resist joining in! You see, I am turning 50 quite will be here in 2 short years. So, I picked a project that will probably take those two years...the Civil War Bride's Quilt. I am using the pattern "A Bountiful Life", by Karen Mowery of Sew Primitive. I just have loved her blog and work for years, and when she released this book, I snatched it up!!

So here is my start!! I am having such fun with is my insomnia quilt, LOL!! I have been prepping pieces in the middle of the night, and stitching them down in the wee is great fun, and quiet, so does not wake up dear hubby!!

Thank you Lori for inviting me on this journey...what fun!!



  1. Stitching during sleepless nights seems very age appropriate! Your start is beautiful. I haven't seen this book, but will seek it out. Other CW bride quilts I've seen are stunning. Good to give yourself 2 years!

  2. What a great project....and I love your starting block!

  3. Insomnia quilt?! What a hoot!! It is going to be a wonderful and amazing Jubilee quilt, Julie!!

  4. we are very close to the same age~!
    i think you've picked a challenging jubilee project but by the looks of your first block it's not going to be a problem for you.
    wonderful work~!


  5. Well, from what I hear and have experience a little will have lots of nights to work on this! :)
    Have fun! :)

  6. wonderful project! I love the CWQ - looking forward to watching yours in the making!

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  8. What a great idea! This will definitely be special to finish in 2 years. I am inspired to try such a project, but sleep like a brick. Great. Now I'm wishing for insomnia so I can have more time to sew. Wow.
    I meant to add that I really love the sentiment on the cover of the book! These milestone birthdays seem to be a good time to appreciate how lucky we all, in our own ways, are.