Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medallion and Scrappy

I write this on my last day of being 50 - yes, tomorrow is my 51st birthday – just squeaking in there so I can at least say I started the quilt at age 50. That is, if planning and selecting fabric is a start, because that’s all I’ve done so far! For the past few months I’ve been thinking about making a medallion quilt. It isn’t something I was drawn to before, but the urge to begin it has stayed with me so I think I should cave in. Feathered stars have attracted my attention, too, and when this jubilee project came up and then Tara of Sew Unique Creations shared her free pattern I figured it was meant to be. My medallion will be a feathered star. I plan to surround it with favorite blocks – Ohio Stars, Reels, Hexagons, Lemoyne Stars, Honeybee (some I’ve made before, some I haven’t) and maybe some borders. Many antique quilts and quilts I’ve seen in the blogosphere are my inspiration. 

This quilt (c. 1830-1850) in particular has inspired me. It is from The American Quilt by Roderick Kiracofe and Mary Elizabeth Johnson-

This quilt (c. 1930-1950) is a reproduction. I love the variety of blocks and fabrics in both the original and the repro.

I love scrappy quilts so this one will include lots of fabrics. These are a few I’m considering for my feathered star. I will use mostly 19th century reproductions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other fabrics sneak into this quilt.

A couple more beauties from this book-

I’ve enjoyed reading the posts of my fellow jubilee participants. I shared Johanna’s indecision and thought about doing baskets like Nadine. This will be a fun!


  1. Happy 51st birthday one day early!! I love the plan you have for your quilt. A feathered star for a medallion is perfect!!

  2. Happy Birthday - early -
    I love reproduction quilts and this one is lovely! What fun it will be for you picking beautiful fabrics for this one!

  3. "The American Quilt" book provides hours of inspiration, does it not? You have picked a beautiful quilt to do. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide and your steps as you go along. Happy 51st Birthday!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maureen ! ;>)
    WOW, this is such a beautiful project, and I LOVE your fabrics, too ! I'm sure you're gonna have so much fun, piecing that beauty on this "Jubilee Cruise" ...
    VERY inspiring book, too !

  5. Maureen....this medallion quilt is going to be lovely! And I think I need to get that book, cuz that 2nd to last pic is awesome! And, of course, planning and pulling fabric counts as a start! lol

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Spend the day doing just what you love! And eat lots of cake!

  6. Wow! This is an ambitious project. I look forward to seeing your progress. Happy Birthday!

  7. Love the idea of a feathered star medallion. Wish it was within my skill range. Your inspiration quilts are gorgeous. Happy, happy birthday!!!

  8. Love your idea and the fabrics Maureen - go for it! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy 51st birthday too!

  9. Your quilt will be fabulous can't wait to see your progress. Love scrappy and reproduction fabrics that book looks very inspirational.
    Happy Birthday too!

  10. I sure love that stack of fabrics! Ah, the potential! Yours will be one gorgeous quilt. So excited to see evolve! Anything from that book can't help but be stunning : )