Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looking forward, not back

There is a lesson in these two little scraps of fabric.

I did a block that had a large scale gridded batik, similar to this. I made the block and then I found these two scraps in a bag of batik bits and pieces I'd picked up somewhere, a quilt show or a scrap bin. And, I thought, these would be perfect in that block. What if I just took that block apart and replaced the blue I used with these? Wouldn't that be nice?

But, I didn't do it. I decided to wait and see if I could use these little scraps in one of the other blocks.

This morning, I started block 7 and what was in the middle of the block? More of that large scale gridded batik.

I'm glad I looked forward and not backward to use this bit of fabric.

I don't have to devote energy into making old stuff better. I can use that energy to make the next stuff better instead.

That applies to a bunch of stuff.

I'm so smart now that I'm 50.


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  1. I love getting smarter!! I'll be there in a few months!!