Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Block 13, Hadar

HADAR (Beta Centauri). Residents of the southern hemisphere see a grand parade as Crux (the Southern Cross) rises and is followed by the two luminaries of Centaurus, Hadar and Rigil Kentaurus, the pair more commonly known as Beta and Alpha Centauri.

Thirteen is a bright block.  Lots of competing colors.  I tried a darker green in the center and lost the shape of the block as I was putting it together, so I replaced that with the light green and got the brightness I was going for.  There is a bit more contrast between the green and yellow, but not much.

Slowly I'm making progress on this one.  Very slowly.  But, I keep reminding myself, I have a year.  And, I'm nearly half done piecing them.  And my stash of batiks is booming.

1 comment:

  1. Need my sunglasses for this one Lane! Love the bright colours.