Sunday, April 8, 2012

Block 11, Tarazed

One of the minority of stars that does not have an Arabic-derived name, "Tarazed" comes to us from a Persian phrase meaning "the Beam of the Scale," and was originally applied to the star Altair and its two flanking stars, bright third magnitude (2.72) Tarazed and fourth magnitude Alshain, as together they look like a weighing balance. In our constellation lore, the trio are the most prominent part of Aquila, the Eagle, which flies through a bright part of the Milky Way between Cygnus (the Swan) to the north and Sagittarius to the south.

This is block 11 and that means I am almost a third of the way through piecing the 36 mariner's compass blocks for my Jubilee quilt. I think I might even have another one in my for a nice and relaxed Sunday. It would be nice to say I'm a third there.

I like the redish orange and the greens together. It was hard to get the lines in the darker green batik to line up with my points. But, well worth it.

Everyone have a great Easter Sunday. Lane


  1. Fantastic! I've put my Jubilee quilt aside, but I'm ready to pick it back up. It is so nice to see your progress!

  2. Another stunner Lane! Each time I look at it I see it from a different perspective - love the colour play.