Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Les étoiles de Béatrice

Months after my test block, I finally worked on my  quilt center

Tiny star block is only 3in

center finish at 24in x 30in, next round will be applique.

The inspirational antique quilt :

R. Porter's quilt 1777, American Museum

Monday, June 25, 2012


It's taken some time, but I've finally started collecting for my Jubilee Quilt Project.  Yes, Beguiling Billings is finished and at the quilters!  Talking to some others who have finished their versions of the Mrs Billings Coverlet, we've decided that there's a "Big Project Completed Syndrome" - we're all having difficulty settling on the next thing to do!!  So I thought I'd try collecting and bringing together my ideas and fabrics for my Jubilee Quilt Project and see where that leads!

The centre will be a rendition of this iron work which hangs on the wall of the outdoor eating area at a place we sometimes frequent for delicious cooked breakfast.  Looks a bit Continental I thought!

In Florence this was on our bathroom floor and is perfect for the border.  I like the unusual corner treatment!  (Please excuse my feet!)

Then there was the floor of the lounge area in that beautiful hotel in Florence.

It reminded me of this quilt that is in progress, being made using a set of templates I designed and called Kumo

and I can just use the octagon and square in imitation of the Florence hotel floor.


So with these fabrics, (plus others that I pull out as I'm looking for things for other projects!)

I'll be able to fussy cut like this.

Now all I need to do is

: :work out how many Kumo's across the quilt
:: work backwards to the first border
:: work out how big the applique block can be
:: draft the applique

Not a lot really!!!!  Actually, doing this post has started the creative juices........ I just might start some investigating into the above list!

Meredithe x
The applique is finally finished on the 4 corner pots. I have it packed for my Sister's retreat and plan on adding 2 spikey borders on 2 sides, and two zig zag borders and then figuring out how to fill in the empty areas. I have the dates for sure I want to add. Feels good to have that step finished.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Big 50


I was hoping for my 50th Birthday last weekend to have the big 4 blocks completed on my Jubilee project.  But life with my 2 kids being home and gardening has slowed my progress.

There is a lot of shadowing on this early morning photo, but it is clear to me that my new Moda muslin is not the same shade as the original blocks that I did.  I've set them here on a diagonal, which helps.

You can especially see this if you look at the center.  I will, however, be covering it with another princess feather, so no big deal.  In fact, our foremothers in quilting often had to deal with new dye lots, so it will only add the antique quality of my quilt.

My friend, Mary sent me this funny cartoon from the New Yorker.  I knew it was perfect for the Jubilee Blog Group.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let us know how you are coming on your projects.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jubilee Birthday

And I'm not talking about Queen Elizabeth! Our very own Barb V. turns 50 today!
I'm sure she would love email birthday wishes:)

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello, dear friends !
Long time no see, huh ?

Well this month of May was rich in new things in my life :
first we made the trip to our wonderful seaside, Spanish nest
(where we'll be staying until next November)
Getting back to different habits, meeting our local friends,...
Whew!  Time flew like a buzzzy bee !
(view from our terrace)

Yet some progress has been done to my
"Little Baskets" 
 in between some other projects,
and I could happily add 46 of those cuties to the pile
Yeaaah !

I'm still SO much enjoying handpiecing them!
Each one being a real treat, when picking among those gorgeous
CW repro fabrics that some friends generously sent to me.
Every little basket makes me feel how lucky I am,
and I'm so grateful to you,
dear Debbie, Regan, Melissa, Meredith...

Checking this lovely blog also makes me realize
the GREAT progress you're all making in your Jubilee Project.
It's VERY inspiring, and I'm in awe with
all your beautiful accomplishments.


(((HUGS))) from Spain