Monday, September 15, 2014

Diamond Jubilee

I'm excited to have this quilt finished and to share all I have learned from this project.  It is the first time I have machine appliqued and I think I got fairly good at it :0).  I did my birth date 1-3-53 in thread painting which I have never tried before.....I did okay but not as well as I would have liked. Lastly some machine quilting.  I made pumpkin seeds ,swirls and flowers, did some echo quilting and on the outside border some straight line quilting.  And I got it finished before I turn 62!
I want to thank Randy and Lori for this terrific sew along and inspiring me to mark my 60th year.

Happy Sewing, Kim

pumpkin seeds

echo quilting on the outside of the vine with straight line stitching on the inside of the vine.

A little thread painting

Swirls in the light triangles and flower in the dark ones.