Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing Susan

Today I'm introducing my friend, Susan, who is a non-blogger. She was with me and Pauline when we visited the Newark Museum and were inspired by this quilt:

Susan is taking a fresh approach with this fabulous Kaffe tangerine print - here was my first glimpse of her project a couple of weeks ago.  (this is the best photo to see the colors)

Susan drafted her own feather and it's much curvy than mine.  I love it.  The dark fabric is a deep plum (very deep).

Here is her progress as of last Friday.

sorry about the color, I just can't seem to correct it correctly.
Isn't that star wonderful?  I sure think so.

Here is a closer look at the finished feather.
I'll post Pauline's project soon -

Hello from Cleveland...

Hello, fellow Jubilee quilters! Today, I'm in Cleveland, OH, on a business trip to meet with my extended work group. One of the things I decided about my jubilee quilt was to try to add fabrics to my batik and hand-dye stash from any cities I visited this year.

I did my internet research, but didn't think to call the shops I visited up here a couple of years ago, so I drove to the first shop and they weren't there anymore. That was a shame, because they had a whole room of batiks and hand-dyes when I was here last.

So, I drove to another shop that I didn't make it to on that trip and they were still open and only about 15 minutes from the office here. The couple that owns the shop were really nice and I had a nice visit with them and of course, like everybody that cuts fabric for me, they wanted to know what i was working on, so I told them about the Jubilee Quilt Project and my plan for the 36 Mariner's Compass blocks.

I found these batiks and hand dyes in shades I don't have and snapped them up. And, I found those two cute fat quarters with the clocks to go with some "passage of time" themed fabrics a friend gave me a couple of years ago.

The shop was small, but jam packed and they have an online store at I havent' been to the online shop, but I definitely will. It's great to get to help support a small business (even if they are a bit too heavily invested in Moda fabrics). They want to expand, but are sandwiched between two businesses that won't give up space, so they've moved their office space out into the store and turned the office into another room for fabrics. It was a fun few minutes before dinner with co-workers and I'm glad I got to squeeze that time into this trip. There should always be a bit of time for fun, right? All work and no play....

Okay, so that's it for me today. Of course, there's little time to sew, but I have the fifth block of 36 started at home and I can see it in my mind's eye and am looking forward to getting home and having time to get that one finished as well. I'm almost 16.67% of the way there.

Hmmm, I think I was more encouraged BEFORE I thought of it like that.

Have a great "leap day". Lane

Monday, February 27, 2012

300 more blocks and the First Ten Years

This week I continued to work on more half square triangle blocks - are you sick of hearing about them yet?  :)  The first picture I showed was only my first batch.  Here is the second batch:

You will need to go to my blog and read about the progress I am making and how my dog has helped me along in this step.

While working on these blocks I listened to this book which brought back so many memories of growing up in Indiana and seeing things through my childhood lens. It got me to thinking about sharing memories   from the past as I work on my Jubilee quilt.  I think, for me, I will break it down into ten year segments and focus on happy, fun stuff and add to it from time to time.  Do you have memories from your first ten years?  Perhaps you have photos?  If I can get my scanner to function with my Mac perhaps I'll add pictures. 

I don't want to fill this blog with personal stuff, so if you would like read some memories of my first ten years please click here and walk down memory lane with me!

Happy stitching!


Block four

As I've been piecing blocks from my Jubilee quilt, I've been noticing the pattern names; Izar, Elnath, Spica, Talitha...those have to mean something, right?

So, I googled Talitha. Talitha represents two stars in the Ursa Major Constellation, Talitha Australis and Talitha Borealis. This is my Talitha block. (Number 4 of 36.)

When I googled the other names, I found out that Izar is a binary star. Elnath is also called Beta Tauri and lies at the top of the great northern horn of Taurus. Spica or Alpha Virginis becomes prominent in the southeast in spring evenings and is part of Virgo.

I found these patterns at Just search on Jubilee quilt pattern and they come up easy. There are 36 blocks and they're divided into 6 modules, so to get them all, you have to buy 6 sets of patterns. But, that's okay. I think the price was reasonable considering what I got as part of the pattern.

I am enjoying the process of piecing these blocks and now I'm enjoying learning about the stars they represent. I'm remembering how to paper piece and I'm learning more and more about precision.

Somehow, that's important in my 50th year...remembering what I know and learning more. I'm going to keep investigating this important lesson about using what I already know and continuing to learn as I move through my 50th year.

The youngest old people I know continue to challenge their minds and learn new things. That is the example I want to follow.

Have a great Monday. Lane

Friday, February 24, 2012

Barb's Jubilee Quilt

Happy Friday!

I just want to say how excited I am about the Jubilee Quilt Project and want to thank Regan and Lori for their encouragement in forming an on-line group.

When I first posted my Jubilee Quilt idea on my blog, FunWithBarb, I had no idea that so many quilters would be interested in making themselves a special quilt.  I'm thrilled that so many have joined this blog.

Let me take this opportunity to say there is no deadline for joining, and there are no quilt rules, save one:  It must be a quilt made by you and for you.

You can see my first Jubilee post by by clicking here.

Here is the first block which I started late December.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You want to start a new project.
You know you don't have enough background.
You are too anxious and start anyway.
You soon worry and possibly regret it.
You reassure yourself all will be well.....

That's what happened with my muslin background.  I have been side-lined waiting to resolve it.  I bought a bolt, washed and pressed and cut it and decided; nope - not right!  I have found that Moda natural muslin is the closes to what I started with (which is unknown, naturally).  Thimbleanna is sending me a 90" wide bolt soon - hooray!

So, I prepped, prepped, prepped.  I never work this way, but here is what I have cut and ready to go.

This gives me an idea of where I'm really going with this.

My friends, Pauline and Susan (non bloggers) are making the museum princess quilts in their own styles and I'll post photos of them next week.

Have a Fun Weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Center Block

I spent a few days looking at different blocks for the center medallion of my quilt.  And then I spent a few days picking fabrics.  This is what I came up with.

I'm going to make a Christmas quilt and it is to celebrate my Husband's retirement last October and our 23rd Anniversary earlier this month.

I also want to thank everyone for their warm welcome.

Hugs, Cathy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

it's me, libbyQ, and it's time for me to make some sort of formal introduction of myself. i've been regularly visiting the blog and leaving comments on posts and you're all probably wondering who the . . .

i heard about the jubilee quilt project and even though i'm not quite 50, i thought i'd jump in and play. i have a tendency to make very slow progress sometimes and so getting a head start seemed like a good idea. my hope is that i will get my own jubilee quilt finished by my 50th birthday which is in march of 2014.

i have decided that i will use some string tulips that i have worked on, loved, and hoarded. i probably have enough of these to make several quilts (over 50) and i haven't decided on a layout for my quilt but i do know that i want to use cheddar and/or a beautiful red fabric(s).
i would be very happy to get suggestions and ideas if you have them so please don't be shy. after all, it's my 50th birthday jubillee quilt and i don't want to find the perfect idea after i've already started setting them~!

quite some time ago i did a tutorial on my blog for these blocks. feel free to link over and check it out. there are several posts within my blog that include shots and/or information about the blocks and my infatuation work with them so if you are really curious you can hop around all day in my blog and learn all sorts of stuff about them (and me~!).

i'm happy to be a part of this group and fun idea.

I just couldn't stop!!!

The last few nights I've been sewing up a storm of string blocks!  Well, 80, to be exact!  lol

They're not trimmed yet, but I'll do that when I have the block they butt up against finished.....just to make sure they fit just right.

I'm one of those quilters that when I have nothing but 2 inch blocks, 20 all sewed together......the end measurement always seems to have an additional 1/16th of an inch extra!  And I've kindof learned by now that when a piece has to sit up next to it, I just wait to be sure BEFORE cutting it!

I've kindof tackled this Jubilee quilt in a Bonnie Hunter Mystery kindof way........cuz if I just sewed one block at a time......I think it would end up a placemat!  So I've made the 80 string triangles, and I've made about 200 of the hst.......only 246 more of those to go!  Woohoo!  lol

I'm hoping to spend the next 3 days off making the rest of the hst, and then sewing them into their blocks, 156 of them!  I think I'm gonna be putting on a Jane Austen Marathon to sew by......some Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and some Sense and Sensibility.  That should put me in sewing bliss!  :o)

Have a great week!

Regan  :o)

My Introduction

Hi Everyone, my name is Cathy.  I'm not celebrating my 50th birthday...I'm passed that.  But I have always wanted a Medallion quilt so here is my excuse.  I hope to have something to show you soon but until then I love seeing what everyone is doing.  Hugs to all.

Cathy B.

My Jubilee quilt

When I first saw mention of the Jubilee quilt project, I got very excited. There seemed to be just a few of us at first and then it grew to more and more people, born in or near 1962 and then others that wanted to make a quilt to celebrate themselves. The more links I found, the more bloggers I began to follow, reading how each of us was creating a quilt and about our other interests as well.

My blog is That Man Quilts? and I blog about my quilting, raising a teenage daughter and a few other things that interest me.

As my birthday approached, I started re-assessing whether I should actually start another project. I have so many unquilted tops hanging in the sewing room closet and my resolution this year (as it was last year) was to quilt as many as I could. Maybe I should finish something I already had started and call that my jubilee.

Who was I fooling. At the same time I was thinking about finishing something and calling it Jubilee, I was also googling Jubilee Quilt patterns and I found a set of 36 mariner's compass stars on And, while I was still trying to decide whether to start something new, I made the first one.

And, then, on my birthday, I made another block.

And, last weekend, I made a third one.

Guess there's no denial anymore. I'm all in.

We've been collecting batiks and hand dyes for years and when I saw the patterns, I knew exactly why I had been collecting them.

So, I'm sewing away, learning better ways to paper piece and ending up with some very exciting blocks. So far, the plan is to make all 36 blocks and set them together with a great batik sashing, but I'm only 3 blocks in. I could change my mind a hundred times and still do something totally different as I continue to grow during this, my 50th year.

I'm celebrating me with a quilt. How many babies have I celebrated with a quilt? And, how many have I made for other reasons? It's time to make one and make it all about me and what I think and feel and see and my skills, this year.

Take care. Lane...the quiltfool

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Bright and Scrappy!!

Hi there, I'm Debra of Mypatchworkpalace blog from Melbourne Australia.  I've just started blogging this year and I'm very excited to be part of this Jubilee Quilt Project.  I'll be turning 50 next January so I'm giving myself a bit extra time to make my quilt.

I had lots of ideas for quilts I'd like to make I could easily spend the rest of the year trying to decide.  I was thinking medallion with applique of some sort.   Or I have the Flower Basket Medallion pattern by Kim McLean.....Or I've started the little basket quilt from Blackbird Designs book Where the Cold Wind Blows.....

Lucky for me I had a couple of friends over for stitching and they helped me decide.  Always helps to have quilting friends for advice.

My plan is I'm going to start with string pieced stars in the centre maybe 9 or 16  I'll be making it up as I go along.  I'd like a border with applique I'm thinking something folk art style.  I have some meterage of a charcoal grey and black spot for the background.  I have collected bright and novelty prints for years and I've decided they are going to be my strings, they look really great against the dark background.  The photo above is my 1st star block completed.  I used some 15" Lemoyne Star templates I bought from Somerset Patchwork for the block.  So far so good I really like the block even if it did take about 3 hours for me to piece the block together!  Hope the piecing will get quicker with practice.

Bye for now


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still doing HS triangle blocks...

I tried something new to see if I could speed up the process on my 1 1/2" half square triangle blocks.

Stop by my blog if you are interested to know how I arrived at this variety in a relatively short time and what I thought of the process.  70 blocks.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still Thinking.....

Hi to all those Jubilee birthdayers out there!  My name is Meredithe and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I'm relatively new to this blogging game and only recently stumbled across Lori's blog - so glad I've found it! - and was tickled pink when Lori asked if I'd like to contribute to this Jubilee project.  

With my five-oh only 8 days away there's no chance of making a quilt in time, so this will be a longer term project me thinks, and may have to wait until further into the year before it even gets started!

Why? you may ask.  Well a bit like Laura, I'm currently working on a BIG project - the Mrs Billings Coverlet, and working towards a deadline of end of May.  There are 4 more borders to do and it's all being hand pieced.  Here's where I am at the moment.

So I can't really start anything new just yet, but my brain is toying with an idea!

But to help celebrate my birthday, my lovely friends gave me a quilt last weekend (this birthday is happening well before the date - and loving it!!).  Like Nadine, I love baskets and these wonderful women gave me the perfect quilt.

Aren't I lucky?!

So at the moment I'll be checking out what everyone else is thinking about and planning, while stitching away on my Mrs Billings.  And I'll just let my Jubilee idea brew awhile.....!

Happy stitching



Hi to everyone! I am Julie of Juliekquilts. When I read that Lori of Humble Quilts was turning 50, and having a celebration of Jubilee quilts...I could not resist joining in! You see, I am turning 50 quite will be here in 2 short years. So, I picked a project that will probably take those two years...the Civil War Bride's Quilt. I am using the pattern "A Bountiful Life", by Karen Mowery of Sew Primitive. I just have loved her blog and work for years, and when she released this book, I snatched it up!!

So here is my start!! I am having such fun with is my insomnia quilt, LOL!! I have been prepping pieces in the middle of the night, and stitching them down in the wee is great fun, and quiet, so does not wake up dear hubby!!

Thank you Lori for inviting me on this journey...what fun!!


A quilt for me...

Good morning and thank you for letting me be part of this blog.
I turned 50 last year February and have always wanted to make a double wedding ring just for me.

The fabrics I am going to use are 1930's and I have them all collected, I would like to get started soon and am wondering if I should hand piece or machine piece?

What do you think, I am also wondering on the back ground fabric, will I use quilters muslin cream or white or even one of the 1930's plain colours like the yellow, green or blue?

I might have to make a few arcs and place it in different back ground fabrics to see what I like.

Happy sunday

My Jubilee Quilt

I choose what I will made : a medaillon based on an antique quilt 

left repro picture of the antique, right my first block

The tiny stars are 3in and I use "Maison de Garance" by FRENCH GENERAL, for a french look , with some other leftovers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Brenda's Big B Birthday Bee

Brenda signing in from Scraps and Strings.
I'm happy to share my jubilee quilt with you.

Several months before I turned 50 in May
I asked my blog readers and quilt friends
to make me a capital B
for Brenda's Big B Birthday B

I posted a simple tutorial on my blog,
but I wasn't prepared for the response:
elaborate B's from all over the world,

Some using text fabric

and some not.
I have more than 50 contributions to this special birthday quilt.

At my January quilt retreat, I put them up on the design wall
and started sewing them together
in blocks and strips
I'm still thinking about final layout
But I'm determined to finish it during my Jubilee year
So I'm playing along with you here!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medallion and Scrappy

I write this on my last day of being 50 - yes, tomorrow is my 51st birthday – just squeaking in there so I can at least say I started the quilt at age 50. That is, if planning and selecting fabric is a start, because that’s all I’ve done so far! For the past few months I’ve been thinking about making a medallion quilt. It isn’t something I was drawn to before, but the urge to begin it has stayed with me so I think I should cave in. Feathered stars have attracted my attention, too, and when this jubilee project came up and then Tara of Sew Unique Creations shared her free pattern I figured it was meant to be. My medallion will be a feathered star. I plan to surround it with favorite blocks – Ohio Stars, Reels, Hexagons, Lemoyne Stars, Honeybee (some I’ve made before, some I haven’t) and maybe some borders. Many antique quilts and quilts I’ve seen in the blogosphere are my inspiration. 

This quilt (c. 1830-1850) in particular has inspired me. It is from The American Quilt by Roderick Kiracofe and Mary Elizabeth Johnson-

This quilt (c. 1930-1950) is a reproduction. I love the variety of blocks and fabrics in both the original and the repro.

I love scrappy quilts so this one will include lots of fabrics. These are a few I’m considering for my feathered star. I will use mostly 19th century reproductions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other fabrics sneak into this quilt.

A couple more beauties from this book-

I’ve enjoyed reading the posts of my fellow jubilee participants. I shared Johanna’s indecision and thought about doing baskets like Nadine. This will be a fun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Picked up some fabrics!

I made it to a fabric store yesterday (a very sweet Valentine's day outting.....almost better than chocolate.....almost!).....and I picked up a bunch of orange fabrics for my Jubilee quilt!  The gal cutting them said she was getting her dose of vitamin A while cutting!  HA!

Hubby and I are headed out today, again, to find a few more!  Just can't have too many orange fabrics!  Right!?!  lol  Or am I the only one who goes nuts for this color!?!

So, the pattern I'm doing is from a quilt I saw at the Red & White show in NY last March.  

I just fell in love with everything about it!  Especially that the maker did 3 different borders on it!  Love that!  I posted after the show all the pics I had taken, and I made comments about those borders a few times......something to the effect that I wish I was more bold and independent like that maker obviously was.  Well.......I'm 50 now, and I can be bold and independent.......and do 3 different borders in orange if I want to!  YEAH!

It's going to be all scrappy orange and white, and the big pieces of solid red on the quilt......those will be strings!  Woohoo!  Love that string piecing!

I'm starting on the cutting tonight!


Regan  :o)

"My Basket is full of the Pleasures of Life"

WOW, do I dare telling you I celebrated my... 60th birthday, last December ?  HeeHee...
However, Lori's idea was SO inviting!  See, I've been quilting for more than 16 years and have always looked at my projects with someone in mind - either one of my kids, or grandkids, or close friends... Now, can you imagine, making one just for "me, myself mwâ " ?  ;>)

It's feeling like that Loreal advertisement : "Because I'm worth it!"  LOL LOL

And so I'm here, very grateful and excited.

I really thought that my choice would be made in a snap (sooo many beautiful patterns!), yet I soon realized things were not so easy.  What to do?  What to do ?  What to do ?
- something handpieced, for sure (I only use my machine for piecing borders, and things like that)
- something traditional (my favourite)
- something representing what I am, or feel
- with maybe some applique (love that!)
- not too long to finish (I want that quilt before celebrating my 70's ! ;>) - besides I'm such a good starter, yet not so good at finishing - AaaHem!)

Looking back... What is my "harvest" ?

My life was not so happy in the beginning, but then I met the love of my life 45 years ago, we married 5 years later and were blessed with 4 beautiful children + 2 grandkids (up to now). Bliss.....
Of course, we sometimes struggled, counted our pennies, or felt discouraged, but we sticked all together with love and respect, working hard,  counting our daily blessings and simple joys.  Bliss...

(stay tuned, I'm not gonna tell you the story of my life, HeeHee...)

So I'm full of gratitudes for this simple life, and I truly can say that :

"My Basket is full of the Pleasures of Life"

I got it !  THIS was the idea !  Happy dance !
So, I ran into my stash, remembering those cute 4 inches little basket blocks I started long ago (to everything, there is a reason)... There they were, sleeping in a lovely tin box. So I started an inventory...

 30 are done
(I told you I'm a good starter!)
another 30 are cut and ready to be pieced...
(always optimistic)

Now I can estimate to approx. 200, the total (set on point) blocks I need... 140 more to go !
Step 2 would then be to square the top with 4 big triangles, on which I could add some lovely applique... 

What do you think about all this ???

 I'm now sitting with head into my stash, in order to find some more bits and pieces of reproduction fabrics (these are SO difficult to find here, in our country village).  Just in case any quilter friend among you would feel ready to share some small pieces with me, I'd be thrilled and ready for an exchange.
I only need 5" 1/2 squares to make one basket  - by the way, would anyone know about repro fabrics charm squares on the Web ?

Dear friends,
I'm sorry for this long post (I'm such a chatter),
I promise I'll post shorter messages in the future.

Nadine, in Belgium

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am jumping all over the place. What should I make??? I LOVE the idea of celebrating my 50th with positive things that nurture me. I'm not into hanging black balloons in offices on 50th birthdays. I'm busting through this milestone healthy, happy, and bursting with intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Except, I can't decide what my jubilee quilt will be.

First, I thought I'd make a medallion quilt using some of Edyta Sitar's fabrics and designs. Look at these lovely birds. I'd have to include some of these. I can't find a center that I love, though.

And....I started getting stressed as my plan grew more complicated. Stress is not part of Jubilee!

So, here are my ground rules:
1. It must be long enough to cover my toes. I'm going to use this to snuggle and read books. It has to "fit me."
2. It has to be fun to make. I don't have to learn anything, prove anything, etc. This rule is there are no rules.
3. It has to be something I can finish and have quilted by September. I have a little problem with finishing. And I'm going to pay someone else to do the quilting.

I fell in love with this pineapple quilt. I'm going to see how long this sticks in my brain. It would be stressless, uncomplicated, and I love 2 color quilts.

Have any of you made decisions yet?


Jubilee Quilts?

I love the idea of making a Jubilee Quilt.  To me a Jubliee Quilt should be something special, a new technique or a quilt that takes a long time to complete, or maybe a quilt that contains a little piece of other quilts you have made.  But yesterday I  finished a large, time consuming quilt, and I feel very relieved that it is finally done.  I'm not anxious to commit to another big quilt right now.  So I think I might make more than one Jubilee quilt.  Here's my first:

This quilt was begun almost 2 years ago.  I learned machine applique, how to miter and how to do a bargello pattern on this quilt.  I completed the top in 2010, and it just sat until I could save up the money to get it quilted last month.  It is 116 x116.  I'm glad this one is done,  but to me a Jubilee quilt should also be a fun quilt.  As much as I like this quilt, it wasn't particularly fun to make because it was so big and awkward to work on. 

My next Jubilee quilt needs to be fun!  Bright colors that don't necessarily go with anything in my house.  An easy pattern, a reasonable size.  I'm still thinking what to do next.

My Jubilee Quilt

Last April I turned 50 years old and I thought it would be neat to commemorate my 50th year by making a quilt.  The idea simmered on the back burner and didn't go any further than that.  Then a week or so ago Lori at Humble Quilts mentioned the idea of doing a Jubilee quilt to celebrate turning 50 and that we (bloggers) should unite and do it together.  What a great idea!

That lit the fire under my butt to get going.....I only have until near the end of April to finish my quilt!  I decided I do want to do this in my 50th year - no cheating! :)

I have been working on replicating an antique quilt for a few months that I absolutely love and I have been trying to figure out what to name it.  Well, now I know - Jubilee!!  Obviously I am a little farther ahead in my progress than some of the other Jubilee participants but I still have a ways to go.  I have been taking pictures of the steps because I knew I would someday post this quilt on the internet. Here is a picture of the first step.
The quilt is made of all scraps and solid red,  solid yellow, and a blue print fabric.  These blocks are just some of the blocks used.  Hundreds of scrappy 2"squares, paired, waiting to be sewn together on each side of the line then cut diagonally.

I'll post my steps as we go along - keep watching and hopefully have this done before my birthday in April!

Thanks, Lori, (and anyone else) for getting this project going - wonderful idea! :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012


I did start on this idea already...So inspired by Barb and Lori to do it!

This result coming from a desire in the back of my mind to try out the thimble pattern, a la Supergoof.

At the same time, mixing up the words, "jubilee" and "Jujube" (the candy).
Sad.  I know.  But there it is.

So, here are 10 of each color Jujubes.  Actually, there is an extra yellow one, despite quadruple checking.

That's okay, because I'm turning 51 in April!  And I probably would like the lemon ones the best anyway!

No concrete plan for next step on this quilt yet... Medallion?  Maybe!  Sounds fun!

This has truly been an awesome year, well worth commemorating!


Jubilee on a Saturday!!

Welcome to the Jubilee Quilt project blog. Thanks so much Barb for moving forward with it!!
I imagine we will have a few housekeeping rules, but I didn't want to start with that.

I don't feel like this is much of a post to get started but I am still so excited! Here are the main colors my Jubilee quilt will have.
I have more of the red but it wasn't in the same room and I'm pretty sure that green strip will not be enough! Backordered....argh!!!
I pulled out a few other solid greens I have and they are all too blue. The piece of poison green print is the color I am looking for. I have never made a quilt with mostly solids, so my Jubilee challenge begins.
The center of my medallion will start with this. It is going to be red and green and smaller then I am used to working with.
I can't wait to hear what everyone has in mind for their special quilt made especially for you, by you..