Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally making progress

After about 6 weeks of cutting, pinning, cutting, pinning, fiddling and finally doing the applique work - the center of my Jubilee quilt was done (except for the very center). Yay!!
It was so exactly what I had pictured.
Every part was perfect (at least to me!!).  And then I came to the borders and everything came to a screeching halt!!  For about 2 months.
I finally had a breakthru and realized what was wrong.  I made these petals smaller and added more of them, including 5 scallops on each side (my original design had 4).
The creative juices were flowing again.  The Olympics has given me a lot of time to work on the applique.  There are 20 scallops and almost 200 petals.  But I'm over halfway done - yay!!!!
I still had a huge problem of what to put in the middle between the scallops, but with the help of a very special friend, I finally broke thru that hurdle too (almost).
So for now, I'm back on track.  My goal is to have the top done before Christmas - I think I can do it. 


  1. Karen, It really looks wonderful! Nice work on plugging forward on your jubilee quilt!!

  2. very pretty! love the movement of the vines.

  3. Merveilleux!! Fantastique!!
    J'aime beaucoup les appliqués, vous aimez les même chose que moi.
    Je vient de finir 8 blocs en appliqués tissus 1800.
    Je vous invite a visiter mon blog.
    Je vous souhaite une belle fin semaine.
    continuer votre beau travail.
    Gisèle de Québec

  4. Lovely! The vines and blocks are beautiful together. Wonderful details, it is a treasure!

  5. This is so gorgeous! I love it!

  6. Oh, wow. I love how the vines just go however they want to go - like real life. It's beautiful!
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for the borders!


  7. My - Oh - My ! What a beauty ... You're really doing a GREAT job!


  8. Great progress. It's looking wonderful. Congrats on getting over the creative humps. Lane

  9. Karen, it's looking SO good!! Keep going, keep going........

  10. It's gorgeous. I admire your persistence. Lots of "fiddling" as you say. Go girl!