Tuesday, July 31, 2012

News from the (HOT) Spanish front...

Olaaaaa, my friends !  ;>)

I know, I know, I've been so quiet lately... even my own Blog is sound asleep for weeks/months... up to the point I sometimes feel about  closing it.
Actually, I've been experiencing some health issues lately, due to some persistent (very) high temperatures causing swollen/painful leggs (water retention) + high blood pressure, etc... I feel a bit discouraged, having left rainy/cooler Belgium for a sunshiny Spanish spot, and now having to consider going back home earlier - sigh - we'll see.... (don't misunderstand me, I LOOOVE our Belgian home, it's just that we wanted to enjoy retirement under a better climate, some months a year).

Well, 'nough said, let's come to the point ;>)

First of all, I wanna tell you again how much IN AWE I am with all your progress and the beauties you're showing here.  Congratulations, dear friends, you are all so talented and inspirational !

As to my "Little Baskets of Joy", I'm quietly keeping on handpiecing them, at my own (turtle) pace and with much pleasure.  I even found a lovely, unusual "egg duck" fabric for the connecting blocks.
Well, actually I was hesitating between two of them, so I took both ( TeHeee...), using the second one for the border triangles.  Of course, I just couldn't help piecing some blocks together, as you can see ;>)

(for some reason this pic. doesn't want to stand up, sorry)

So, that's it up to now, my friends..... looong is the way to the finish line,
but big is the FUN in every step! 



  1. So sorry to hear of your health issues - hope you can get some relief soon. Just love the duck egg blue setting fabric, it's perfect! Slow and steady can still win the race!! Keep going! X

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope that passes soon.
    Your blocks are coming along nicely and I love the color fabric you will use for the setting squares!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Love your basket blocks and the dog pic made me smile. Hope you don't stop your blog, Nadine.

  4. sorry to hear you're not feeling your best - hope you are feeling some relief soon.
    Your little baskets look wonderful!!
    take care