Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mirzam, block 6

Mirzam is a star in the southern constellation of Canis Major, the "greater dog", and is located about 500 light years from earth.

This is the first of my blocks that I think I've made a mistake on. I used too dark of an orange in the background. But, it's still a beautiful block and as I explained to my daughter when she asked if I was going to remake it, it will blend in with the other 35 and you won't realize it could have been better.

So, why, after a whole month, am I just one sixth of the way through piecing these? I've had other quilting responsibilities. I had a quilt that had to be turned in today. And, that being done, I am now free to focus my time and energy to making blocks for this quilt.

And, collecting fabrics. As I've worked on the stars, it's become apparent that the two small bins of batiks and hand dyes I have is not going to give me the variety I want. So, I keep buying a half yard here and a half yard there to supplement the stash and add variety that I can pull from. I need purples and yellows and oranges. I have plenty of greens, blues and reds.

It feels good to have completed my other responsibilities that were already established before I decided to make a Jubilee quilt. That's kind of what being 50 has been like for me. Taking care of stuff I needed to do before so I can get to the stuff I want to do next. Endings and beginnings, all mixed up together and many of them because I turned 50. Others because I just got tired of how things were and what better time to change them than during my half century year.

For heaven's sake, isn't 50 years long enough to believe the same old things are going to happen? It's time to start with some new and fresh ideas. And, there is not going to be a better time than now.

Hope all are well and that you are enjoying your Jubilee quilts. I'm ready to get focused on mine. Lane


  1. That looks like a difficult star to piece and well done.

  2. It seems like it took me until I was 50 to realize that I could change some of the things that I was tired of. Slow learner I guess! :)
    Beautiful block, again!

  3. This block is gorgeous, Lane. And I just went back and looked at your other blocks, and yeah, it's darker orange than the Talitha block, but when they are all together, the variation is going to be fabulous, I think! I'm loving it!

  4. Fantastic block Lane!! I'm glad you didn't change the colors- it will look great with the other blocks!!

  5. Like it Lane, and if you choose a darker background for some of the others I'm sure they'll all blend in together. Kind of like your endings and beginnings!