Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's all I want to do!

I can't seem to get focused on anything but the Jubilee quilt!  It's all I want to do right now!  I don't want to shop, cook, watch tv.......anything!  I just want to sew!

I finished up the last of the 20 blocks last night!  This morning I'm working on the sashings!  Chain piecing my little brains out!  :o)

And I realized I just have 2 weeks until we leave for our driving vacation/cruise!  We'll be gone for 3 and 1/2 weeks, so I'm really hoping to have my Jubilee done before I go!  And yeah, I'm definitely taking handwork with me.  I think I'd go nuts if I didn't take something to work on with me!

Have a great day!

Regan  :o)


  1. I think you'll be done before I even get started! I've experienced production delays. lol I love it when a quilt goes together so easily - not many do - at least, not for me.
    I forget - have you selected a name for this baby? Just STUNNING!

  2. Your quilt just POPS! It is coming together so nicely! Love it!

  3. You are a jubilee sewing whizz! holy smokes! I haven't even shown mine yet!! Next week for sure.
    I bet you are getting excited for vacation!! Woo-Hoo!

  4. Your quilt is looking really great.

  5. WOW, OH WOW ! You're on a roll ;>) and I can understand your excitement ! This is gonna be a wonderful quilt!

  6. Love it, well done!! well almost done ;)

  7. you're poor sewing machine is going to need a vacation too~!!~
    wow~!~you have made some amazing progress on this and it's ooking quite beautiful.


  8. so fun. Wow, are you zipping along.
    Your blocks look perfect.