Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"My Basket is full of the Pleasures of Life"

WOW, do I dare telling you I celebrated my... 60th birthday, last December ?  HeeHee...
However, Lori's idea was SO inviting!  See, I've been quilting for more than 16 years and have always looked at my projects with someone in mind - either one of my kids, or grandkids, or close friends... Now, can you imagine, making one just for "me, myself mwâ " ?  ;>)

It's feeling like that Loreal advertisement : "Because I'm worth it!"  LOL LOL

And so I'm here, very grateful and excited.

I really thought that my choice would be made in a snap (sooo many beautiful patterns!), yet I soon realized things were not so easy.  What to do?  What to do ?  What to do ?
- something handpieced, for sure (I only use my machine for piecing borders, and things like that)
- something traditional (my favourite)
- something representing what I am, or feel
- with maybe some applique (love that!)
- not too long to finish (I want that quilt before celebrating my 70's ! ;>) - besides I'm such a good starter, yet not so good at finishing - AaaHem!)

Looking back... What is my "harvest" ?

My life was not so happy in the beginning, but then I met the love of my life 45 years ago, we married 5 years later and were blessed with 4 beautiful children + 2 grandkids (up to now). Bliss.....
Of course, we sometimes struggled, counted our pennies, or felt discouraged, but we sticked all together with love and respect, working hard,  counting our daily blessings and simple joys.  Bliss...

(stay tuned, I'm not gonna tell you the story of my life, HeeHee...)

So I'm full of gratitudes for this simple life, and I truly can say that :

"My Basket is full of the Pleasures of Life"

I got it !  THIS was the idea !  Happy dance !
So, I ran into my stash, remembering those cute 4 inches little basket blocks I started long ago (to everything, there is a reason)... There they were, sleeping in a lovely tin box. So I started an inventory...

 30 are done
(I told you I'm a good starter!)
another 30 are cut and ready to be pieced...
(always optimistic)

Now I can estimate to approx. 200, the total (set on point) blocks I need... 140 more to go !
Step 2 would then be to square the top with 4 big triangles, on which I could add some lovely applique... 

What do you think about all this ???

 I'm now sitting with head into my stash, in order to find some more bits and pieces of reproduction fabrics (these are SO difficult to find here, in our country village).  Just in case any quilter friend among you would feel ready to share some small pieces with me, I'd be thrilled and ready for an exchange.
I only need 5" 1/2 squares to make one basket  - by the way, would anyone know about repro fabrics charm squares on the Web ?

Dear friends,
I'm sorry for this long post (I'm such a chatter),
I promise I'll post shorter messages in the future.

Nadine, in Belgium


  1. Oh Nadine, I love the long post- don't apologize!!
    Your thinking about this quilt is spot on! Love the baskets and we will be here to push you to the finish!!

  2. Nadine,
    What a lovely description of your quilt....I am so glad you are joining us! Welcome!

  3. What a wonderful quilt idea. Baskets are one of my favorites and the idea of my basket "full" is lovely. I will be 70 this summer. Perhaps I should make a basket quilt.

  4. Nadine.....your post is great! Loved every minute of it, and I can totally relate to the 'great starter, not-so-great finisher'....that's me, too! lol I love the baskets idea representing your life.....that IS bliss! Yay!

    I was in the fabric store yesterday, and after explaining why I had a dozen orange bolts on the cutting table, one of the other customers said she had never made a quilt for herself, but she'd made them for all the kids and grandkids, etc! I said it was high time, and she started smiling, and thinking about it! Sweet!

  5. I've never made a basket quilt, but Bonnie Hunter had a post this week that got me thinking about them. We are here to cheer you on to the finish.

  6. LOVE these baskets! Great post, too. I like to hear the why. I might be interested in an exchange so get in touch.

  7. Those little baskets are sooooo cute! And I love the sentiment behind it...Just beautiful! I feel the same way about being grateful for those simple pleasures which abound everyday! Great starting point!

  8. loved reading your story and am happy that everything came together so beautifully for you.
    i love the baskets too and it will be fun to see your quilt growing towards it's finish.
    i have a few reproductions that i could possibly send . . . contact me and we'll figure it out.


  9. Nadine, please don't shorten your posts. I love hearing people say that they love their family. 45 years with someone you love....please keep telling that story.

    I love your baskets. Makes me laugh that you didn't know you had so many. Boy, can I relate.

    Looks like a Jubilee is started!

  10. Nadine, I love your baskets!! Send me your address and I'll send you some fabric squares. Several years ago a lovely woman sent me some reproduction fabrics to start my Dear Jane quilt. They were her leftovers. I always said that I would pay it forward, and I'd love to pay it forward to you. :-)

  11. Nadine, I have my own version of 4" baskets patiently waiting for me to "rediscover" it again. I love the pattern and cannot wait to see what you do with your corners. I've bought some great charm squares from Primitive Gatherings quilt shop in Wisconsin. Look for them in Google. I don't know if they have the charm squares listed on the website but I am sure you can email and ask. They package them very nicely. I've bought them at shows and was lucky enough to visit the shop once.

  12. Being a bit of a basket fiend I love your idea Nadine, particularly putting them on point and adding some applique. I'd love to send you some squares - let me know which colours in reproduction fabrics you need and I can get some in the post.

    PS thoroughly enjoyed your post - they don't need to be shorter!

    1. Oh, this is SO nice of you, THANKS a bunch! ;>)
      Actually, I'm lacking of those reproduction bright colors, like medium blue, pink, cheddar yellow, and poison green... but I don't wanna be difficult, any color will be very much appreciated ;>)
      PLEASE, tell me what I can send to you, as an exchange, I'll be delighted!
      Have you got an email addie, so that I can give you my postal address ?
      So gratefully, in friendship

  13. What a lovely idea, and a wonderful choice. :)
    Oh Nadine, it really is you!
    I will be happy cheering you on, as always!
    Valentina in Cyprus

  14. What an inspirational post Nadine! I LOVE reading the background ideas and sentiments about others projects......hhmmmm, long post?
    Well, I didn't even notice!

  15. Nadine,

    Love your post, didn't seem long to me! I would love to send your some reproduction fabric. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful jubilee quilt.

    Your quilting friend,
    Debbie Hall

    1. A heartfull THANK YOU, dear Debbie, for this nice comment and generous offer ! I sent an email to you, yesterday evening ;>)