Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello from Cleveland...

Hello, fellow Jubilee quilters! Today, I'm in Cleveland, OH, on a business trip to meet with my extended work group. One of the things I decided about my jubilee quilt was to try to add fabrics to my batik and hand-dye stash from any cities I visited this year.

I did my internet research, but didn't think to call the shops I visited up here a couple of years ago, so I drove to the first shop and they weren't there anymore. That was a shame, because they had a whole room of batiks and hand-dyes when I was here last.

So, I drove to another shop that I didn't make it to on that trip and they were still open and only about 15 minutes from the office here. The couple that owns the shop were really nice and I had a nice visit with them and of course, like everybody that cuts fabric for me, they wanted to know what i was working on, so I told them about the Jubilee Quilt Project and my plan for the 36 Mariner's Compass blocks.

I found these batiks and hand dyes in shades I don't have and snapped them up. And, I found those two cute fat quarters with the clocks to go with some "passage of time" themed fabrics a friend gave me a couple of years ago.

The shop was small, but jam packed and they have an online store at I havent' been to the online shop, but I definitely will. It's great to get to help support a small business (even if they are a bit too heavily invested in Moda fabrics). They want to expand, but are sandwiched between two businesses that won't give up space, so they've moved their office space out into the store and turned the office into another room for fabrics. It was a fun few minutes before dinner with co-workers and I'm glad I got to squeeze that time into this trip. There should always be a bit of time for fun, right? All work and no play....

Okay, so that's it for me today. Of course, there's little time to sew, but I have the fifth block of 36 started at home and I can see it in my mind's eye and am looking forward to getting home and having time to get that one finished as well. I'm almost 16.67% of the way there.

Hmmm, I think I was more encouraged BEFORE I thought of it like that.

Have a great "leap day". Lane

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  1. Gorgeous fabric!!! Pretty son, you'll be 1/4 of the way done and that will sounds better.