Sunday, April 1, 2012

Block 10, Rana

In the middle of the western flow of Eridanus, the River, just to the east of Epsilon Eridani, lies the star Rana.
I was really looking forward to this block. I just love how the points seem to build on one another and echo. I even went to the LQS yesterday and picked up a blue to use. I wanted a dull red for the background, just as the pattern picture showed and had this fat quarter from the quilt show we went to last weekend.
I decided to add some variety to my piecing, so I pulled out my newest collected machine, a
Singer 401A, named Lorene after her previous owner.
She is a sweet machine, tho I haven't taken the time to fully clean her up yet. I did give her a good oiling and cleaned the worst of the old grime off, and she just purrs along, almost silently.
That got her moved into the winner's circle and now, she's in the piecing station and Ken Moore is moved to a lesser spot, there when I'm ready to sew on him again.
Everyone have a great Sunday. I'm off to the grocers and then lots of outside chores.


  1. Another beautiful block Lane!!

  2. Stunning! You're a great example to me. Thanks.

  3. I love your blocks AND where did you get the patterns? Or did you make them yourself? I NEED to do them ,please let me know

  4. That is a stunning block Lane. Glad Lorene played nicely for you!

  5. Beautiful Blocks Lane!
    And we are very much alike. And I have seen your sewing area and it is very neat. You just have lots of stuff as do I. I tend to stack plastic containers to the ceiling. Hey! I am still able to climb a small ladder to reach just the right container!
    XOXOXO Subee

  6. Wow, your star blocks are amazing. Such bravery;-)
    New follower and I love this idea about the Jubilee quilt. Something for myself!!
    blessings, jilly

  7. What a gorgeous block. Makes my head dizzy to think about figuring it out.

    Your machine! It's just like my Mom's! Which means I sewed a ton of stuff with it.