Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nine blocks down, 3 to go...

Hi there, after a lot of procrastination I finally got around to stitching together the last blocks for my quilt top.  I sewed the blocks together today and I've decided I'd like to make the top a tiny bit bigger.  I think I'll try 3 more blocks and see if that works. 

I decided that I didn't want sashing after all.  I managed to keep most of my stars points, I'll live with it the way it is anyway. It mightn't please the quilt police but thats ok! 

I was wondering about doing a pieced border before the applique border but if I can't figure out the maths I'll have to reconsider.  Next will be deciding what to do for the applique borders, thats going to be fun.  It will be my first try at designing an applique border.  I have a few ideas I'm looking forward to trying.

Bye for now



  1. it gorgeous! I love this pattern and want to make another one. The first one I put an aplpique simple swag border on.

    1. Thanks Lori, I'm thinking flowering vine maybe a basket, I'd like my initials and date and some cats and dogs in there too...

  2. It's fabulous, Debra! And I like your ideas for a border, too! Yay!

  3. Your top looks great so far - can't wait to see what comes next!

  4. Still lovin' it. I think what you are thinking....flowering vine, initial, date, cats, dog..... would be really charming with this quilt. Whatever you decide - it's still a great quilt!

  5. Wow. I love it set block to block!
    What a happy jubilee quilt!!

  6. It really looks great Debra! Looking foward to seeing what you decide for the borders. Meredithe