Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Block 14, Betelgeuse

BETELGEUSE (Alpha Orionis). The great star Betelgeuse is one of the two that dominate mighty Orion of northern winter, the other Rigel, the pair respectively also called Alpha and Beta Orionis. The name Betelgeuse is a corruption of the Arabic "yad al jauza," which means the "hand of al-jauza," al-jauza the ancient Arabs' "Central One," a mysterious woman. For us, it marks the upper left hand corner of the figure of the Greek's ancient hunter (and since he depicted is facing you, his right shoulder). One of the sky's two first magnitude supergiants (the other Antares), Betelgeuse is one of the larger stars that can be seen, indeed one of the larger stars to be found anywhere.

When I googled Betelgeuse, I was assured that it will not explode this year, killing us all.  This is what the expert, Jim Kaler, that has written all my star facts had to say about the explosion creating the effect of a second sun for earth.

"It would definitely be visible in full daylight, and it would cast shadows. It might scare the crap out of people to be honest, but it would be nowhere near as bright as the sun."

And, I have this to say about this block.  It was the hardest so far.  I put it together three times to get the center to match.  I have tried everything and even with all that, it still looks slightly off.  Personally, I think I could have designed this block better and made it easier to match, but instead of being divided into quarters along the horizontal and vertical, it's divided along about a 60* diagonal.  I'm consoling myself with the fact taht the one in the picture from the website isn't precisely matched in the center either.  Nah, nah.

Next is another fun one that I'm not really looking forward to, but after that, it looks like there are a few simpler ones. 

I really need to lay all these out and look at them soon.  While each one is pretty cool, I have no idea what they're going to lool like, all joined together.  I should start making plans for that, huh?  Unless I want to make 36 little quilts.

Everybody have a great Tuesday. 



  1. I love your motif...You have tremendous patience.

  2. Faster then speeding lightning! I didn't even get a chance to comment on the last block, which by the way, looks awesome!!
    This one does look hard but the centers look fine to me. Nice work!! 36 little quilts.....maybe 50 is needed.... lol

  3. Another beautiful star, Lane! Well done....and I think the center looks perfect!

    And yeah.....we want to see them all laid out together, too! I'm betting they are really going to look amazing together! :o)

  4. Well done Lane - it doesn't look easy at all!! I'm with Regan - we need to see them laid out. Will you sash? Plain or pieced? Just join them together? .......

  5. Lane it is a very stunning star. Hugs