Friday, May 30, 2014

Brenda's jubilee quilt finished after three years

I joined up here three years ago,
thinking I could easily finish my Jubilee quilt in a few months.

Today is my 53rd birthday, and now I'm officially showing off  my B quilt.
It's made from 50 Bs sent to me by quilting friends from all over.

Thanks to all of those who joined in.

I'm glad to be done,
and I hope to take a nice long snooze under this quilt today.
Read more about it here at my blog.


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I really love this! And it looks like you had no trouble at all piecing it! Sometimes 'community' blocks can be so hard to gather in a fitting way......yours is perfect! Love it!

  2. Very cool. Congratulations on your finish!

  3. Congratulations Brenda! Your quilt looks great - Happy Birthday xx

  4. Thanks for the nice comments.

  5. You are really creative. All of them are unique.