Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My top is done!  After a year of applique, it is finished!!

I did my first post on this quilt on my Fun With Barb blog on January 11, 2012.  Click here to read all about it.

Pride before a fall:

After carefully planning and cutting my borders using long unbroken pieces of muslin, I ran into a little problem when I pinned the last border to the bottom of the top.

 You see how that flower is off the edge of the quilt?  OOOppps.  Okay, no problem me thinks, I'll remove it and move it......

but what here?

Oh yea, I cut the backing out to attach the stuffed berry.  Well, isn't that interesting, I mean maddening!

Here is how I fixed it:

I removed the flower and the berry from the surgical area.  I cut off the "problem area"

I attached a new piece of  muslin with the same angle (45 degress) that I intend to quilt on the border.

I then trimmed the stems and reattached the berry and flower.  Whew.  Pretty good solution.

Here how it looks when done correctly.

I use a ruler and mark the cutting line.

I use scissors, they are slow and accurate and avoid the "oops" slip of a rotary cutter.

Here is coco inspecting the repair.

Friday evening I celebrated in my usual way:

Today I'm hoping to finish the marking and then sew baste it for hand quilting.  I'm using Dream Wool for the first time.

Thank you all for you continued support and encouragement on this long term project.

I'll be back with a quilting update soon.


  1. Fabulous! Great job on the repair. I think you'll like Dream Wool. It's easy to quilt through and shows the quilting off nicely. It doesn't drape like cotton though. This can be good because you won't get creases from folding. Congrats!

  2. It looks so amazing! Love everything about it. Just smiling here as I read your surgically resolved ooops story.
    Always a happy ending!
    Have a great day!

  3. Congratulations! What a beauty, another "Barb masterpiece," I think. And thanks for showing us the repair. When it happens to me, I always think I am the only person who has those oops! moments. Question, are all the sparrow facing the correct way? The one on the left looks to me as though she is upside down.

  4. Your jubilee quilt is gorgeous! You are really an expert at appliqué! Can't wait to see it after you hand quilt it.

  5. Great save, Barb. Those heart-stopping moments are...well, heart-stopping!

  6. Woop! Woop! Way to go Barb!! It is such a beautiful quilt!!

  7. Yippee!!! It looks amazing! A moment of panic well resolved. It was interesting to see your repair - I never think to photograph things like that. (in too big of a hurry) I'm excited that you are going to handquilt this. I hope you'll keep us posted with your progress. Celebrate!! :0)

  8. Gorgeous!!!! And that was an amazing fix you figured out! Yay!

  9. I'm so glad you were are to fix your oopsy. This quilt is so beautiful. What made you decide to use wool batting for this quilt?

  10. Oh dear - that was stressful reading ! but so clever you managed to fix it! And it looks beautiful :)

  11. Stunning quilt! I love your design modification - perfect. Looks like Co-co agrees too.
    Love all your quilting plans too.

  12. Wonderful quilt and clever save. I like the fabric you have under the quilt too. :)


  13. Your quilt brings a little tear to my eye because it's so very beautiful and special. What a great fix and if Coco could talk, he'd tell you so too.

  14. Congratulations Barb!! It looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your oops moment - love the solution!

  15. Your Jubilee quilt looks great the appliqué is lovely. I'm sure you'll have it quilted in no time. I'm stuck on my borders and am having trouble getting them sorted.

  16. Wow! I commend you for finishing and for tackling oops. Why do these things always happen so close to the end. I like the idea of a jubilee quilt, something I may have to try when I have time!

  17. Oh Wow! That is beautiful. Did you get tired of working with only one fabric? I am thinking I would have gone stir crazy with just one fabric that has to be appliqued. That is a loooonggg time to work on a project and not have variety. Of course, it was all worth it in the end. I love two color quilts and this one is right up there on my favorites list. Congrats.

  18. Congratulations Barb, your quilt top is beautiful, definitely a great choice for your jubilee. Love the save :)

  19. Absolutely wonderful .... I will enjoy seeing your progress with the hand qulting!

  20. Oh my, your quilt is gorgeous! Those little uh ohs are maddening, but you did a great job with your fix.