Friday, June 8, 2012

The Big 50


I was hoping for my 50th Birthday last weekend to have the big 4 blocks completed on my Jubilee project.  But life with my 2 kids being home and gardening has slowed my progress.

There is a lot of shadowing on this early morning photo, but it is clear to me that my new Moda muslin is not the same shade as the original blocks that I did.  I've set them here on a diagonal, which helps.

You can especially see this if you look at the center.  I will, however, be covering it with another princess feather, so no big deal.  In fact, our foremothers in quilting often had to deal with new dye lots, so it will only add the antique quality of my quilt.

My friend, Mary sent me this funny cartoon from the New Yorker.  I knew it was perfect for the Jubilee Blog Group.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let us know how you are coming on your projects.


  1. I like using different muslin. The subtle shade difference makes it look antique! Your quilt blocks look awesome Barb!!

  2. Not to worry, it looks perfect. In fact, I used 2 different fabrics on mine on purpose!! I love this.

  3. i agree, you are still working on a masterpiece here~!!~


  4. Stun-ning Barb, don't care about the different muslin shades.
    ...and the cartoon is just TOO funny!

  5. Those blocks are so beautiful, Barb....and I really like the different shades of muslin. This is going to be stunning! And I love that cartoon! :o)

  6. I am in awe, just beautiful. actually I love the look of the different muslins adds an instant age to the quilt which I am always trying to achieve.
    love the cartoon , too funny!!!
    thanks for sharing your progress, a masterpiece in the works....

  7. Your blocks are looking so wonderful Barb - love the two muslins, adds character! Great cartoon. X

  8. I think the two muslins look fine too. Funny cartoon! :)


  9. Die Blöcke sehen wundervoll aus.
    Liebe Grüße Grit