Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The back.....and there's a story behind it!

I've been sewing like mad on the letters for the back of my Jubilee, and I finally finished them.  Now it makes sense to show!  All the letters still need trimming up, and the bottom orange area is going to be all crazy-patch pieced, but it's well on its way!

And here's the story behind it.......

When we first moved to Maine, I used to drive all over New England exploring.  One of the first drives I made was to Connecticut, driving down I-95.  Well, as you drive along south, there is an overpass across the highway, and on it is this piece of graffiti........"Perhaps some chocolate chips cookies and milk!"

Well.....the second I saw that.....my heart skipped a beat!  It's the best graffiti I've ever seen!

First.......it starts with the word Perhaps!  How cool is that!  I just love that word!  It's so sweet and kind, and so unexpected in a graffiti!  Coming from Southern California, where the graffiti is all gang-based, harsh and evil......I thought that this was just so darned sweet!

Second......who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies!?!  Yeah!

And, of course, being I'm lactose intolerant, the 'milk' part is a stretch, but when ya gotta dunk, you just gotta dunk!

So.......I looked into this graffiti, cuz I was just so taken by it, and it turns out it is the answer to a question posed on a previous overpass.  The question being......"What will set you free?"

That's a pretty profound question, but in my book.......that answer says it all!  Straight and to the point.....life is just that simple sometimes!  And shouldn't it be!?!  :o)

So......for years now, I've always wanted to put that little phrase on a quilt........and what better quilt than my Jubilee!  It's all about me, for me, what I love, and it just had to be!  And I'm loving it!

I'm going to be piecing the crap out of the bottom orange section this weekend, while hubby is gone on a golf weekend with our son.  Once the bottom is all pieced I can start sectioning it together!  Woohoo!  It's really coming together!  :o)

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I love it Regan! What a fun memory and saying!! I was trying to decide what quilt project to focus on now that I'm home and this post has encouraged me to focus on my jubilee! Go girl!!

  2. What a great story!
    And your quilt is looking fabulous!!

  3. I love this! How fun and whimsical!! Its a great personal touch to your special quilt! Hooray!!

  4. What a fun story and perfect backing for a quilt that is so personal. :)


  5. Regan, I love this story! And how appropriate it is for your jubilee quilt! Enjoy the process. X